High praise for NGIT Cyber Security Trainers

Our Client Relations Team, including the freshly appointed Adam Perkins, have been working hard to develop engaging and relevant training packages for clients this year. We are very fortunate to have two former-teachers in our staff who work hard on their delivery to make corporate training engaging and memorable.

Most recently, Doug and Adam spent the morning with The Guernsey Employment Trust topping up the team’s knowledge and understanding of Cyber Security. The session emphasised spotting phishing scams, which remains the most common threat vector to businesses and charities (Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021,, Mar’21).

“The NGIT Cyber Security course delivered by Adam Perkins and Doug Belford was excellent as the interactive quiz provided a high level of engagement, involving the staff in determining which examples were phishing and which were legitimate. It encouraged staff, who openly admit that they do not enjoy IT training, to get involved and comments from them afterwards prove that they not only enjoyed the experience but also learnt valuable skills in making them safer online. To be honest, the style of delivery from both Adam and Doug, was welcomed by our team as it was jovial, yet professional, but not too corporate! Also, they worked well as a double act! Well done NGIT and thank you for great training.” Nikki Ioannou-Droushiotis, Chief Executive, Guernsey Employment Trust.

NGIT are happy to create tailored training packages to suit your team’s training needs, from general training in email best practice, to specific training in particular applications, and more!

Contact for more information.

New HPE Primera Data Centre Storage

We are proud to announce the local availability of the very latest enterprise level data storage solution from our partner HPE. NGIT's new offering is based on HP's Primera, a well proven storage platform, which provides extremely high uptime and will keep secure our clients' sensitive data within the Channel Islands.

Key features of our service are:

- All flash based storage for maximum reliability
- Extremely fast performance with low latency
- All data is encrypted at rest for maximum security and at a hardware level to alleviate any performance hit

Businesses can now comply with the recent GFSC rules by electing to host their entire server estate on NGIT's service, knowing that all data is fully encrypted at all times.

Jason Connolly, Sales & Marketing Director at NGIT: "I am delighted to announce this new service which, as a result of a substantial investment, underpins our commitment to supporting local businesses with innovative industry-leading services. A key driver for this investment was to meet important cyber security standards which are a high priority for our clients and we are confident this will be a service in high demand".


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Guernsey IT company supports clients following Microsoft Exchange vulnerability issues

Microsoft Exchange

Next Generation IT (NGIT), the Guernsey based pan-Island IT services company, worked through the night recently to protect local businesses following issues identified by Microsoft with its Exchange Server platform.

Last week, the US software giant admitted there were ‘zero-day vulnerabilities’ – severe weaknesses – in its Exchange Server that are being actively targeted by cyber attackers. The NGIT technical team worked 24/7 to update all of its local Microsoft-driven client systems within a few hours of the patch release to ensure they are remain secure and protected in NGIT’s privately run cloud.

What is a ‘zero day vulnerability’? It is a computer-software vulnerability that is unknown to those who should be interested in mitigating the vulnerability (typically the software vendor).  Until the vulnerability is mitigated, hackers can exploit it to adversely.  The term ‘zero-day’ originally referred to the number of days since a new piece of software was released to the public, so ‘zero-day’ software was software that had been obtained by hacking into a developer’s computer before release. Eventually the term was applied to the vulnerabilities that allowed this hacking, and to the number of days that the vendor has had to fix them.  Once the vendor learns of the vulnerability, they will usually create patches or advise workarounds to mitigate it. The more recently that the vendor has become aware of the vulnerability, the more likely it is that no fix or mitigation has been developed.  Zero-day attacks are a severe security threat.

Jason Connolly, Director at NGIT explained: “The news that there were significant compromises in the Exchange email system meant all hands to the pump as speed is key to ensure important data stays protected.

“Microsoft Exchange Server is an email inbox, calendar, scheduling and collaboration platform used by many businesses across the Islands. I am pleased that the swift actions taken by our technical engineers and consultants in implementing patches and working with clients has meant none experienced any issues.”

The Microsoft released patches are designed to tackle four severe vulnerabilities identified. These included server-side forgery, unsafe data deserialisation inside the unified messaging service and the ability of an authorised Exchange user to overwrite any existing file inside the system with their own data.

Also read this article for further technical information.

Link to Channel Eye article:

Guernsey Employment Trust Thank NGIT

Doug Belford and Tom Le Prevost have been helping the Guernsey Employment Trust by advising their clients on how to "Get into IT"

(click here to read the Facebook article)


Sark Lark...

Next Generation IT have being extremely busy in preparing and supporting upwards of 1500 end user clients for remote working during lockdown. We are delighted that all clients successfully worked from home over the period, due to the hard work of the NGIT staff. As a thank you for all of their hard work, staff were invited to a relaxing day on Sark (Sunshine guaranteed)

Captain Ray and the Te Aroha sped the group across to Sark in style and just 30 minutes and the NGIT ethos of ‘work hard play hard’ was embraced by all. Straight off the boat and onto the ‘Toast Rack’ (this year they seem to have completely removed any suspension) the race was on to hire pushbikes before the main ferry arrived. Mission completed the victorious party celebrated by sampling the delights of the Bel Air and then in a pushang peloton it was off to lunch at Hathaways.

After a delightfully long and sunny lunch many of the group took the opportunity to go off and explore the island by bicycle with the obligatory venture to Little Sark and photos on La Coupée.

All too quickly the day came to an end and the party retired to the Bel Air for goodbye drinks.

The day was an excellent opportunity for new and established staff to socialise with the directors and members from other teams. The request has now been formally submitted for the event to occur every Friday.

Thanks to Captain Ray, the staff at the Bel Air and Hathaways for looking after us.



Lessons from Lockdown


Doug Belford, Client Relationship Manager at Next Generation IT, looks at the trials and tribulations of working remotely during the pandemic and considers how technology is helping.




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The team at the GSPCA who work around the clock caring and rescuing local animals, have seen their income stream severely impacted by the Coronavirus lockdown.

Desperate to help out, the staff at NGIT decided to donate their monthly "Employee of the Month" bonus for April to the GSPCA Conoravirus Crisis Appeal.

Steve Byrne, GSPCA Manager, thanks NGIT in the article below:


Next Generation IT receives significant investment from the Guernsey Investment Fund and expands into Jersey


We are thrilled to announce the company has received a significant investment from the Guernsey Investment Fund (GIF). It is a very exciting time for us during which we have maintained an extended period of growth and we are now very pleased to also announce we are opening a Jersey branch. 


It has always been our philosophy to do our very best for our customers and staff. It is with huge thanks to you all that our quality service, and further potential, have now been recognised by the Guernsey Investment Fund demonstrated by this investment from the Fund’s technology and innovation arm.


Next Generation IT’s Director, Jason Connolly, said: ‘We are delighted to announce this new investment in the company. We currently employ over 30 people across Guernsey and Jersey and see ourselves as the benchmark for IT services not only locally but also further afield. Our recent growth has allowed us to develop some very exciting plans for the future, including the recent opening of a Jersey branch. This fantastic investment will assist with this as well as help us grow the business locally and provide more resources for both our staff and our clients.’


Gilbert Chalk, Chairman of the Guernsey Investment Fund, also commented: ‘Next Generation IT’s commitment to understanding and providing for their customers’ needs means that they can deliver the technology and support required for businesses to operate successfully in the Bailiwick and internationally. They are well-regarded and have ambitious plans for the future which are important attributes for any business looking for investment from GIF.”


The Guernsey Investment Fund was launched in 2018 with the aim of achieving long-term capital growth and a commercial rate of return through investments which have a Bailiwick of Guernsey focus or which may benefit the development of the Bailiwick. The Technology and Innovation Cell of the fund is specifically focused on a diversified portfolio of technology companies and innovative companies which demonstrate standards of excellence and the potential to grow. 

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Passwords, passwords everywhere

Doug Belford, client relationship manager at Next Generation IT, reviews password policies.

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The Future is AI ... or is it?

Doug Belford, client relationship manager at Next Generation IT, sorts the fiction from the reality.

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Standing out from the crowd

In a growing industry sector, with increasing competition and more choice for the user, how does Next Generation IT (NGIT) stand out from the crowd? NGIT Client Relationship Manager Doug Belford answers some common questions about the firm, its services and its values.

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The essentiality of Cyber Essentials

Cyber governance is imperative to protect business reputations and eye-watering fines.  Jason Connolly director at Next Generation IT, says Cyber Essentials is fast becoming a minimum standard for businesses.

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NGIT provide Cyber Secuirty Training for GSPCA Staff


Technology Preview 2019

As we enter 2019, Jason Connolly, Director at Next Generation IT reviews the general health of the technology sector across the Channel Islands.

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What's next for 2019?

Jason Connolly's, Director of Next Generation IT, predictions for 2019.

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Global Impacts on the Islands

Jason Connolly, Director of Next Generation IT looks forward to 2019 and myriad of challenges the tech sector faces.

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Achieving an adaptive approach to IT in a digital world

Jason Connolly, director of Next Generation IT, examines developments in IT security.

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What do the Channel Islands have to offer start-ups?

The Channel Islands are welcoming an influx of wealthy individuals and entrepreneurs starting up new businesses and family offices in the islands.  Jason Connolly, director of Next Generation IT, examines what we have to offer.

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Will our Jobs really be replaced by Robots?

Jason Connolly, Director at Next Generation IT, considers the issues.

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More than 20 Guernsey businesses contribute to IT Director's London Marathon fundraising

More than 20 local Guernsey businesses contribute to IT Director's London Marathon fundraising success.

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Cyber Security Explained

From Phishing to Ransomeware, companies are at risk from cyber criminals.  Jason Connolly, Director of Next Generation IT, explains how to guard against them.

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Turning the Page on GDPR

GDPR has been seen by many as a burden, but Jason Connolly, director of Next Generation IT, says the smart company can see advantages from handling information well.

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Cloud Drives Outsourcing of IT

Cloud computing is driving the adoption of IT outsourcing, explains Jason Connolly, director at Next Generation IT.

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Key principles of GDPR

John Fitzpatrick, information security office at Next Generation IT, looks at what you need to consider when reviewing your business for its GDPR readiness.

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Firms preparing for GDPR by merging with or buying competitors

Companies are merging or buying competitors in part to make it easier to manage new data protection regulations advises Jason Connolly, Director at Next Generation IT.

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Guernsey company director takes on London Marathon after wife diagnosed with cancer

Jason Connolly, Director at NGIT, is running the 2018 London Marathon for a charity that has supported his family after his wife was diagnosed with cancer.


2017 NGIT Client Testimonials

2017 client testimonials from Aquitaine Group, NP Group, Carey Group, Herm Island, Ravenscroft, Richmond Fiduciary Group and Elizabeth College.

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GDPR - A Land of Opportunity

John Fitzpatrick, information security officer at NGIT, offers some good news about the forthcoming EU GDPR regulations.

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Winter is coming!

The technological revolution is set to continue in 2018.  Jason Connolly, business development director at Next Generation IT, sets out the threats and opportunities facing local companies.

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What you need to know about Ransomware

Cyber crime is growing at an alarming rate.  Jason Connolly, director at Next Generation IT in Guernsey, outlines what businesses should do to safeguard sensitive client data.


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Cybercrime threat is very real for all

Jason Connolly, director at Next Generation IT, explains why cybercrime matters to all businesses and individuals and suggests what can be done about it

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Tech firms feeling the impact of Brexit

‘The UK will be a harder place to run a successful technology company post-Brexit, becoming less attractive to international investment and less globally competitive’ advises Jason Connolly, Director of Next Generation IT.

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Brexit's Tech Impact

A plan for Brexit is far from finalised and many commentators estimate it will take years if not decades before the details are worked out.  But, as Next Generation IT director Jason Connolly explains, the political and economic uncertainty has already hit the country and Europe hard.

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Jersey Marathon fundraising run for Bright Tights

Director Jason Connolly and his colleague Richard Gibbons raise £1,200 for cancer charity supporting wife.  Inspired by his wife's battle against cancer, novice runner Jason Connolly has helped to raise more than £1,200 for the charity supporting her, Bright Tights Guernsey.

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The Need for Speed

Jason Connolly from Next Generation IT provides advice for the curse of the computer - running slow.

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New Business Technologies

Jason Connolly from NGIT reports on a flurry of new business technologies have been announced for the coming year.

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The changing face of IT departments

Jason Connolly of Next Generation IT explores the changing dynamic between companies' IT departments and business teams.

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IT Teams 'critical to business'

An article written for the local Guernsey Press Newspaper commenting on the changing dynamics of internal IT support teams within local businesses.

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IT Outsourcing is a growing trend

The statistics speak for themselves - IT outsourcing is growing in popularity at a phenomenal rate.  Jason Connolly, business development director at Next Generation IT, examines the reasons why.

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Focus on Cyber Security

Jason Connolly, director at Next Generation IT, looks at how cyber security is intrinsically linked to the island of Guernsey’s reputation.

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Technology Trends Impact Business

Jason Connolly, Director of Next Generation IT, discusses the effects of ever-changing technology on the business world.

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The continued technology evolution

Next Generation IT’s Jason Connolly takes a look in the technology crystal ball and gives us a peek at what innovations are around the corner.

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Infrastructure As A Service (Business Brief Magazine)

Jason Connolly from Next Generation IT introduces the next evolution of cloud computing, IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) - published in Business Brief magazine.

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Infrastructure As A Service (Contact Magazine)

Jason Connolly from Next Generation IT introduces the next evolution of cloud computing, IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) - published in Contact magazine.

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How is technology impacting the workplace?

In the last decade, technology has changed the workplace environment beyond recognition. Jason Connolly, director at Next Generation IT, looks at some of the changes and how they are benefitting the workplace environment.

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NGIT Partnership with the Guernsey Community Foundation

Next Generation IT has provided its Office Anywhere cloud-based IT system to the Guernsey Community Foundation free of charge.

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Mobile Technologies

Mobile devices are getting thinner and lighter, making working whilst travelling far more practical. Typical screen resolution is much improved, allowing an entire desktop to be displayed on smaller screens. For day-to-day work, the addition of clip on keyboard cases makes typing far easier and quicker. Which devices are best for business use?  Jason Connolly, Director at Next Generation IT, makes his predictions.

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The State of Guernsey

Jason Connolly, director at Next Generation IT, looks at how Guernsey has fared during 2014, what the future potentially holds and what part IT will play.

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My 9 to 5

An interview with Jason Connolly exploring a typical working day.

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Business continuity - the options

Jason Connolly, director at Next Generation IT, looks at the range of business continuity options available.

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Disruptive technologies in IT

Jason Connolly looks at how the way we use technology is rapidly changing.

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How has your business fared in 2014

The use of technology in businesses has matured with the vast majority of organisations depending on computing to operate, including traditional systems such as email, shared file storage and numerous business applications.

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Focus on data security

The Guernsey Financial Services Commission recently carried out a review of data security of local fiduciary companies. The aim was to measure current security practices and benchmark against industry best practices.

Jason Connolly looks at how data security is intrinsically linked to the island’s reputation.

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What is driving your IT digital strategy?

Jason Connolly at Next Generation IT looks at the evolving role of the in-house IT department

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NGIT Office Anywhere Client Testimonials

A selection of NGIT Office Anywhere Client Testimonials for 2014.

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Doing business around the world

Channel Island businesses are broadening their markets and expanding into new territories as a way of diversifying their client base and tapping into new business streams. But opening new offices brings logistical and technological challenges, not least providing a robust IT system that is accessible from offi ces in multiple jurisdictions and time zones.

Jason Connolly looks at the IT challenges posed by opening an office in another jurisdiction, and the possible solutions.

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Office Anywhere

There has been much media attention about cloud computing. But what is it all about and is it suitable for Channel Islands businesses?

Jason Connolly talks about Next Generation IT's Office Anywhere product.

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IT, business continuity and disaster recovery

Business continuity is a hot topic. We are finally seeing an increase in business activity, but budgets are still squeezed, and organisations’ focus is on supporting growing business, and improving the performance and flexibility of live systems. But external pressures, particularly increased regulatory scrutiny, are simultaneously increasing focus on procedures, IT governance and security and particularly business continuity arrangements.

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Life without XP

In less than six months' time, Microsoft will withdraw support for XP, its longest-running and most popular Operating System. With time fast running out, Microsoft is stepping up its campaign to urge its customers to move onto Windows 7 or Windows 8 Operating Systems.

Jason Connolly looks at the implications of the switch off of Windows XP's live support machine.

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Cyber Crime

Without the need for masks and weapons, cyber criminals are the bank robbers of today, with increasingly sophisticated ways of laying companies wide open to attack.

Tom Heyworth and Matt Hale look at how companies can prepare themselves.

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Companies unprepared for Cyber Attacks

Channel Islands’ companies are at risk of incurring significant expense dealing with the aftermath of a cyber attack.  As a UK government-commissioned survey reveals the number of cyber attacks hitting businesses has soared in the past year and it is discovered that international cyber terrorists are specifically targeting Jersey, Rossborough and Next Generation IT are advising companies not to be complacent.

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Staying connected at a competitive cost

Commerce & Employment's recent research has shown that small businesses are the power house of the Guernsey economy. In fact 1 ,500 local companies, which represent 73% of all Guernsey businesses, employ 10 or fewer staff. Jason Connolly, business development director at Next Generation IT, looks at how those companies can stay connected at a competitive cost.

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It's all in the Cloud

Cloud computing is continually evolving and is becoming more relevant to business. Jason Connolly, Next Generation IT director, provides an update on how cloud services are being used locally.

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

With a continuing squeeze on budgets, organisations are looking to save money on the provision of their business continuity plans and looking to improve the resilience of their live IT systems. Jason Connolly, Next Generation IT director, examines the options.

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Have you taken your tablet today?

Richard Gibbons, IT consultant at Next Generation IT, looks at how businesses can best make use of products such as the iPhone, iPad, devices running Google Android or the new Windows 8 operating system.

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Microsoft Software Audits

Microsoft has increased the number of software audits it carries out on companies.  Next Generation IT Director Matt Hale said increasing numbers of Guernsey companies were being contacted by the software company.

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At The Sharp End

Interview with Jason Connolly, a director of Next Generation IT. With over 20 years experience within the IT industry, he has seen how quickly the sector has grown. He joined Next Generation IT, which was established in 2003 by Tom Heyworth and Matt Hale, in 2010 and has helped grow the company into one of the island’s leading IT specialists.

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Managing the Paperwork

The fiduciary and fund administration industry is inundated with paperwork every single day. From the documents and proposals to the multitude of emails sent to clients, advisers and intermediaries, each business faces the on-going challenge of storing all this information in asecure and organised way. Ken Fearis, a Next Generation IT technology partner, looks at the technical support available.

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New Staff Appointments for NGIT

Two new IT Consultants have joined the team at Next Generation IT.  Michael Quittenden and Richard Gibbons are the latest recruits to a company that has seen rapid growth during the first few months of 2012.

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Matt Hale Linked To Interview

Matthew Hale, Director and Co-Founder of Next Generation IT, a quick fire, life changing, interview

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Technical aspects of business continuity and disaster recovery By Jason Connolly, Director, Next Generation IT.  Resilience of the IT infrastructure forms a significant part of anorganisation’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan.

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7 benefits in outsourcing IT

IT outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular as companies look to become more efficient and effective. Jason Connolly, business development director at Next Generation IT, explains how companies are benefiting from outsourcing their IT.

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A cloudy future for IT

Virtualisation and Cloud Computing are buzz words in IT. Local businesses want to know if there is more to this technology than just hype, if it’s relevant and what the benefits are.

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Contact Magazine Testimonials Ads

July 2011 Edition of Contact Magazine, NGIT Client Testimonials

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Contact Magazine Company Profile on NGIT

An increasing number of companies are outsourcing their IT needs to specialist consultancies. Next Generation IT foresaw this trend and launched in 2003. Now it is one of the leading IT outsourcing specialists in the island, but what is the secret of its success and what does the future hold?

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Mobile Technology

Businessmen often want to know what mobile devices are best for their business.  As with all things IT, there is no simple answer, as it always depends on the individual business’ existing systems and requirements. Jason Connolly, director of Next Generation IT, looks to cast some light on the plethora of mobile devices available.

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Why do companies outsource?

IT outsourcing is now more prevalent than ever before. Jason Connolly, Business Development Director at Next Generation IT, explains how companies are benefiting from outsourcing their IT.

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Guernsey Now Magazine Advertisement

Guernsey Now Magazine Advertisement, "What does your business want from an IT provider?"

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Business Brief Magazine Article "New and Sexy"

Jason Connolly, Business Development Director at Next Generation IT, looks at advances in office technology.

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Contact Magazine Article "Trust in IT"

The trust and IT industries are working closer than ever before. Jason Connolly, Business Development Director at Next Generation IT, explains how trust companies are benefiting from investments in IT to drive e­ffciencies and increase business.

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New Director joins NGIT

NEXT Generation IT has appointed a business development director as it looks to further expand its market share. Jason Connolly has over 20 years experience within the IT industry and has spent the last 10 years as business development manager for another local IT company.

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NGIT Outlook Anywhere Service Launched

NGIT Outlook Anywhere is a secure managed Exchange server based email environment designed for small businesses. It provides a full Exchange server solution that is designed specifically to be used with the latest version of Microsoft Outlook.

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NGIT Virtual DR and Standby Server Services Launched

With NGIT’s “NGIT Virtual DR” service your business benefits from a reliable and resilient Disaster Recovery solution housed within a secure data centre environment.

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NGIT Services Flyer

NGIT Services Flyer

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NGIT gains Microsoft Gold Partner status

NEXT Generation I.T. Limited has been awarded Gold Certified Partner status by Microsoft. The award makes the company one of only a few technology companies in the Channel Islands to be recognised by the World’s largest computer software company.

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