Case Study : Garenne Group

Garenne Construction Group Ltd - is comprised of leading construction businesses. These companies deliver comprehensive construction, renovation and facilities management solutions.


The group comprises of many well-known C.I. based companies including Garenne, AFM, RG Falla, Granite Le Pelley, Camerons, Geomarine, Rabeys & Sterling Services.

Garenne had grown and acquired these different businesses each in their own location and dedicated IT systems.  Garenne wanted to centralise these many systems, minimising duplication, saving money and also providing a more robust and high performance central IT system.



  • Centralised system for all group companies (to replace disparate IT systems in each company)
  • Focussing on providing a high performance and reliable system
  • Simplify IT infrastructure, providing integrated system for access by all group companies and enabling development of shared management and billing systems
  • Multiple offices in different locations (but need central Guernsey based system and remote access)


Our Approach

  • Working closely with Garenne IT to provide a complete IT service
  • Design flexible system for future growth and differing requirements of multiple businesses
  • Provide highest performance and resilience with onsite virtualised systems and SANs
  • Continual ongoing development of the IT strategy/system to support business opportunities and direction by developing a rolling three year IT plan


Our business success is built around understanding a client's requirements and delivering quality solutions.

NGIT took time to understand our business and our people before designing a robust and cost-effective solution. 

Crucially, they were able to communicate solutions in a non-technical manner which clearly demonstrated that our requirements were being met.

Richard Jones

Chief Financial Officer

Garenne Group

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